Measure Factory

Use business rules to ensure the accuracy of data streams

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Figure 1. Measure Factory Overall All Payer Case Mix Composition

Consistency brings clarity.

Pre-defined KPIs provide data trust for better decision-making

Measure Factory is an automated rules engine. It is a central place where you can work with measures and their underlying logic. By allowing you to dig into your data at the deepest levels, it helps you specify how numbers are calculated, and provides a way for others to understand the calculation definition and any resulting metadata. NOTE: Measure Factory is an add-on to the Diver Platform and requires a special license.

Measure Factory allows you to apply business rules to a collection of data sets. Because the processing of the rules is automated, you can focus on the correctness of each rule, without needing to worry about how the rules flow together. This makes it easy to create and manage a large number of rules.

Measure Factory features


Real-time data analytics

Dashboards that allow in-depth analysis

Role-based and executive management dashboards


Robust security

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Figure 2. Total Admissions Measure Overview

Measure Factory terminology


Measures are the answers to your business questions. Typically numbers, measures provide perspective into where things stand and where they might be headed in the future. You can use measures to answer important questions, such as: Are we hitting our targets?


Measures are more than quantitative values. You can surround a measure with metadata to help facilitate data governance. For example, you can include a semantic explanation of what a measure represents and record the data used to produce it.


Dashboards display your data in an easy-to-read visual presentation. They provide your team with immediate access to the numbers, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. Dashboards can be about the company in general or specific to a certain role or department.

Get started by watching this introduction to Measure Factory video

Get started by watching this introduction to Diver Platform video.

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